Dunline Rubber Products

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Since the initial DUNLOP® formula was introduced in 1938, DUNLINE® RUBBER PRODUCTS (DRP) has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of Rubber Belts for all types and brands of Compressive Shrinkage Machines worldwide.  Whether processing light weight woven or knit fabrics simply for “hand” (softness or feel of the fabric) or shrinking heavy weight denim up to 16%, Dunline® belts are considered the industry standard and remain the preferred choice for all applications.

Compressive Shrinkage Rubber Belts

Dunline Endless Rubber Compressive Shrinking Belt was first sold in 1938. Ever since then, Dunline Rubber Belts have been universally recognized as the superior belt and the choice for those seeking quality and value.

Finisher Felts

Dunline Rubber Products offers a great selection of finisher felts. From 100% Nomex, to Polyester, Polyester-Acrylic blend and Wool-Polyester blend – our finisher felts are top of the line.

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Safetex Group – incorporating Emirates Fiber Industries L.L.C

www.safetexgroup.com & www.emiratesfiber.com

Emirates Fiber Industries produces ‘A’ Grade Hollow Conjugated Polyester Fibre by using modern machinery. Their state-of-the-art fibre producing plant has a monthly capacity of 2500 Tonnes.

Hollow Conjugated Fibre is a three-dimensional fibre having a spring like crimp to give superior loft and high elasticity to the end product.


  • Hollow Conjugated Polyester Staple fibre
  • Siliconized Hollow Fibre / Dry Fibre
  • Fine Denier Fibre


  • All Bedding products including Comforters, Pillows and Cushions
  • Stuffing for Toys and sofa’s
  • Non-Woven applications

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