Monti Antonio Sublimatic Thermoprinter


  • Sublimatic Thermoprinter. Model 93/2000 Year 2007. Roller width 2000mm.
  • Calendar for Transfer printing ,bonding with films/webs, special effects and foils,
  • Embossing using release paper .Heat setting of “crush” effect .Application of  “black out” films and barriers
  • Cylinder Diameter : 500 mm .Width : 2.000 mm Working width: 1.600 mm / 1.800 mm .
  • Heating system and temperature control:
  • The cylinder is heated by one resistor (heating element) in a vacuum sealed diathermic oil bath,
  • The temperature of the cylinder is set by a touch screen and is regulated by an electronic card.
  • The temperature control is equipped with an alarm system and a limitation system of maximum 230 c.