The team at Adamant International is available for assignments in the textile and related industries nationally or internationally. With extensive and complementary experience, Adamant International consultants work to involve the relevant personnel within the organisation to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions and implementation plan to elevate performance, re-engineer textile process +/or product, thereby as near as practical eliminating reworks, downgrades, and fabric batch write-offs. This enables Adamant International to maximise the effectiveness of the textile manufacturing IT system and develop dashboard reports for various levels within the organisation.

While assisting textile operators, technicians, supervisors, and managers, Adamant International consultants mentor employees in the process and providing an understanding between the link between performance and acceptable behaviours in the workplace. This results in a positive cultural shift that brings valuable dividends to the business.

 We are the largest importer and wholesaler of high-quality made medical supply products in Australia. We have an extensive range of items with next-day delivery to anywhere in Australia & overseas.

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