Corporate Responsibility is a now global standard in business and Adamant International consultants can help your organisation integrate Corporate Responsibility into the corporate strategy.

Adamant International believes efficiency is the first step to a better world. The removal of unwanted plastic and distressed stock is just another part of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility through a circle economy and extending the life of all products.

With extensive and complementary experience within the textile manufacturing industry, Adamant International’s consultants bring a focus towards Corporate Responsibility that will not only better the community and environment, but also your organisation.

How Adamant international drives Corporate Responsibility:

  • Offering a Recycled PET fibre alternative to Virgin plastic
  • Find use for distressed stock (Circle economy)
  • Consultancy in CR and Waste management

Adamant International have become the exclusive agent in Australia for Safetex Group in Dubai UAE, the parent company of Emirates Fiber Industries, in an effort to contribute to the global waste management of PET (plastic) bottle waste.

With theory based of a circle economy, Adamant international continually devotes time to the locating of distressed stock destined for landfill. Not only beneficial to the stock holding company, with landfill costs extremely costly, but beneficial for the environment too. See our Distressed Stock Clearance page for more details.

Top Stats on CSR

  • 66% Of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.
  • 13% Employee production increase when engaged with CR
  • 50% reduction in staff turnover when engaged with CR
  • 92% Of the world’s largest 250 companies now publish annual CSR reports


  • Improves Public Image
  • Increases Media Coverage
  • Boosts Employee Engagement
  • Attracts & Retains Investors
  • Positive Workplace Environment
  • Increase in Employee Creativity


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