The strategy of conducting a detailed audit at the commencement of an engagement with an organisation is to take a snapshot of how the organisation or a department within an organisation operates. All levels of the business are invited to participate in the process.

The audit is a systematic process, conducted independently, documenting audited data and observations and objectively evaluated to determine the current level of compliance to documented procedures, process controls and the organisations polices.

The outcome of an audit is a documented analysis of the current operating practices, benchmarked with relevant world’s best practice with identification of non-compliances, risks and opportunities for improvement.


Adamant’s interventions are generally introduced after the presentation of the audit findings with senior management and agreed strategies and methodologies for an intervention documented.

Our consultants will facilitate an cross functional team representing the organisation or department audited to bring about the required process and productivity improvements that subsequently improve on-quality and delivery performance – ever mindful to maintain or enhance a safe workplace environment.

Being a member of this cross functional team often enhances an individual’s capability and offers them opportunity to entrench their participation in an organisation succession plan.

Those individuals that achieve this status at an early stage of the intervention can be the beneficiary of individual mentoring by our consultant.


An organisation may have identified an individual as a potential leader – junior or senior and participating in a succession plan. Through unforeseen circumstances their elevation to a more senior role needs to happen now. At Adamant we can tailor an individualised mentoring program to work with them directly through the transition phase of their promotion.

Contract Management

Adamant International are able offer short to medium term coverage for supervisory or managerial roles in textile operations.

Our capability may get you and your company through an unscheduled leave situation or resignation.

Reliability Maintenance

Adamant has conducted audits of Maintenance Departments and their interactions with production / manufacturing operations.

Our interventions generally raise the level of interaction and cooperation between the manufacturing team and the maintenance team, significantly increasing the level of plant and equipment reliability.