I’m pleased to present our Consultancy Team readily available for assignments in textile manufacturing nationally or internationally. This team has the capability to engage your existing team to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions and implementation plan to elevate performance, re-engineer textile process +/or product, thereby as near as practical eliminating reworks, downgrades and fabric batch write-offs. We can maximise effectiveness of textile manufacturing IT system and develop dashboard reports for various levels within the organisation.

While we are assisting your team of textile operators, technicians, supervisors and mangers we are mentoring them in the process and presenting he link between performance, acceptable behaviours in the workplace which can bring about a cultural change within the organisation.

John O’Connor

Chief Executive

Daniel O’Connor

Business Development Manager

Trevor Somers

Operations or Manufacturing Manager and MRP System Specialist

Tim Trimble

Reliability Maintenance / Engineering Manager

Colin Lusty

Technical & Production - Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Specialist