For continuous dyeing and treatment for modern denims including mercerising, bottoming, topping, sulphur dyeing and classic indigo blue, arranged for maximum flexibility.

Roller width 1800mm

Installed in 2004 (the dye vats and padders were manufactured 1994 and reconditioned by Master when this line was extended and installed in 2004)

2 Beam creels

(one creel can be prepared while the other is running)

for maximum 14 beams of max diameter 1400mm

Automatic yarn tension adjuster

Yarn pulling and feeding element

Soda process or wetting or pre-dyeing vat, complete with padder

6 steam heated, PTFE coated timing cans 800mm dia. for mercerising

Fixing or 2nd wetting or washing vat

complete with stainless steel tank and mangle

Neutralising or washing vat

Washing vat complete with stainless steel tank

and padder

6 Dyeing vats complete with stainless steel tank

and intermediate padders, with overhead oxidising roller

arrangement with finned stainless steel rollers

and dancing roller

Counter current dye circulation system on dye vats

Control system for dyes with filters , dosing and pumps

Circulation Tank for Indigo

Overhead mounted steamer

for colour denim/ oxidiser for indigo

3 Washing or post dyeing treatment vats

with intermediate padders

Accumulator for automatic storage of dyed yarn when the

sizing machine stops for beam change,

150m content ( 5 minutes at 30m/min)

Drying cylinder pre-dryer range with 10 PTFE coated drying cylinders

Karl Mayer- Rotal sizing box with prewetting, 2002

Double dip, double nip

Drying cylinder range with 14 PTFE coated drying cylinders

Karl Mayer- Rotal warp beaming head, 2002

Roller width 2840mm

Max. beam width 240cm between flanges

Max. weaving beam diameter 1600mm

Size preparation kitchen

Indigo Dye & Chemicals storage system with:

2 tanks for chemical bath pretreatment

5 Indigo tanks

1 Sulphur Black tank

3 stocking tanks for indigo

1 tank for softened water

Electrical control panels

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