Author John O’Connor CEO

Is your ISO Accreditation an Active System or Just Gathering Dust on the Shelf?

ISO Accreditation is designed to serve as a dynamic management system with a strong commitment from key stakeholders to its processes and procedures. In a Live ISO System, the primary focus is on maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) by establishing robust process controls and procedures. This entails ensuring that all team members receive appropriate skills training tailored to these controls and procedures, and fully understand their roles within the ISO system.

Maximizing the Value of ISO Accreditation

To optimize the benefits of the system, regular auditing and reporting are crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of process controls. It’s also important to designate responsibility for reviewing or updating process controls and providing subsequent re-training to operatives, with changes verified accordingly. Often, as consultants, we find that ISO Certification effectively becomes a Shelf system, with only a few personnel familiar with its requirements and quality control relegated to reacting to issues uncovered during Finished Fabric Inspection.

Renowned quality guru W. Edwards Deming emphasized in his book, Out of the Crisis, that inspection alone does not improve quality or guarantee it. By the time inspection occurs, the quality, whether good or bad, is already inherent in the product. As Harold F. Dodge stated, “You cannot inspect quality into a product.” This underscores the need to focus on designing for quality, establishing clear product specifications, and refining the manufacturing process.

Relying solely on inspection at the Finished Fabric stage is often too late. If there are systemic process control issues, more downgrades or waste may already be in the production pipeline, potentially leading to delays or compromised quality. Quality Assurance Managers/Officers may then face pressure to accept substandard or non-compliant products, taking commercial risks in the process.

To unlock the full potential of your textile manufacturing operations, it’s essential to transition from a passive Shelf system to an active Live system for ISO Accreditation. Adamant International offers expertise in elevating manufacturing operations.

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