Yarns & Fabrics

As an international trading company, Rebus has been a key partner in the supply of textile materials to a diverse range of markets across the globe. With years of experience and a team of highly-committed individuals, Rebus has carved a niche as a reliable player by ensuring that only the best and high-quality products make their way from the factory floor to the store shelves.

We pride ourselves in going well beyond the expectations of our clients each and every time.

Rebus has been successfully assisting to connect suppliers to users along the yarn and fabric supply chain with the help of its robust supply chain and worldwide network.

This is the Rebus advantage

Distressed Stock Clearance

Adamant International provide effective solutions to distressed stock issues, with disposal of in non-competitive business marketplace.

Even the best managed supply chains get caught out occasionally when product sales drop-off unexpectedly, leaving textile mills with yarns, fabrics – Greige & Finished without a viable outlet.

  • Disposal to landfill is not an option.

Potential environmental issues arise when mills get caught with dyes and chemicals specific to products that are not phased out of the market in a reasonable time frame.

The cost of disposal to landfill is significant.

  • An additional cost to the business in space and inventory.

Through Adamant’s partnership with Rebus international we have a comprehensive solution for most of these products. A company with hundreds of textile manufacturers world-wide in its network.