Author John O’Connor CEO

Consultancy services are a vital resource for businesses seeking to surmount various hurdles, most notably in meeting DIFOT (Delivery In-Full & On-Time) Targets, adhering to industry-standard Lead-Times, and optimizing financial performance. The underlying causes of these challenges can be diverse, contingent upon the scale and intricacies of textile manufacturing operations.

Unleashing Business Potential-Harnessing the Power of Consultancy Services

Typically spanning short to medium terms, consultancy assignments entrust consultants or consultancy teams with the responsibility of facilitating specific outcomes outlined in the Scope of Works. This strategic approach allows consultants to focus on achieving these predefined objectives while leaving the day-to-day operations to the company’s management team.

Regular reporting and presentations ensure that executive and senior management remain abreast of progress and any encountered obstacles. Moreover, participating in intervention programs provides an avenue for individuals within the organization to emerge as local champions for each project and benefit from mentorship throughout the facilitation process.

Engaging consultants constitutes an investment by the company, offering the potential for substantial Return on Investment (ROI) provided there is a well-defined scope of works with clear objectives. Leveraging a consultant’s intellectual property and experience can significantly accelerate processes, enhance productivity, and foster managerial and strategic enhancements.

Based on my experience, the investment in retaining a consultant or consultancy team typically ranges between 5% to 7.5% of the ROI, except in cases where the role encompasses on-the-job mentoring or technical and managerial training.

In essence, consultancy services furnish businesses with the expertise and concentration required to surmount operational hurdles and accomplish strategic aims. With a judicious approach and a comprehensive grasp of desired outcomes, engaging consultants can yield substantial returns and propel sustainable growth within textile manufacturing operations.