Author John O’Connor CEO

Solidly Engineered, well maintained and an under-utilised plant, manufacturing drapes and previously bedspreads.


Refurbished 2020 – Replaced Computer, all shuttles, overhead thread section manufactured and installed.

Quilts ONLY in forward direction. Capable of soft diamond shape and many other unused patterns.

Quilts at approximately 1 metre / minute

Limited capacity Utilisation being one shift / day Monday to Friday.

Chain Stitch – not suitable for mattress producers but could be okay for borders.

Well maintained plant by Contract Engineer – a specialist for this type of machinery, who is contactable to answer technical questions and would be available for dismantling and loading, and possibly installation.

Footprint Length 5400mm x 3500mm width. Includes Automatic Cutter.


Price as AUD$50,000 as is, where is

Mecca (Italy) Quilting Machine
Mecca (Italy) Quilting Machine

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